Frequently Asked Questions

How can clean label excipients be compared to synthetics? What’s the ratio of effectiveness? What’s the usage rate?

The new developed clean label products are nearly similar in effectiveness and functionality compared to the currently used not clean label (artificial) products. Usage will vary based on your formulation, but typically between 1-3% for the lubricant and 3-5% for the binder.

Are there special instructions to use a clean label excipient?

In most applications, you would use a clean excipient the same was as a traditional excipient. As each formulation is different, we’d be happy to provide specific recommendations on usage rate and will provide any special instructions necessary.

What is the difference between organic and clean label?

Which technical services can you provide?

Support in Formulation Development and Scaling up. Especially in solid dosage form development projects

Can I develop a 100% clean supplement?

Potentially, but it depends on the source of the active ingredients and other raw ingredients.

Is my product more stable in a capsule or in a tablet?

This depends on the ingredients, a coated tablet with a moisture protection coating will be more secure than a capsule.

How many % "excipients" do I need to use to achieve a stable product?

This will depend on the active ingredient. It could vary very much.

How can I replace Magnesium Stearate?

Magnesium Stearate can be replaced by Nu-MAG (organic and natural) but also by CompactCel LUB (natural).

How can I replace Silica?

Silica can be replaced by free flowing ingredients like Nu-FLOW (organic and natural) or by CompactCel Flo (natural)

How can I achieve a nanoparticle free product?

Speak with your partners from the Clean Label Alliance to find out how we can support you to achieve this target.

Can I have a coloured film coating without TiO2?

Yes this is possible. Please contact us for further information